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IndexTank sales sheet

Six More Reasons Developers Like IndexTank

Aside from the fact that your customers will love the fast, accurate, relevant results they get from IndexTank, there are a lot more reasons you should give us a try. And it’s not just the additional control over your results and the lower cost than comparable Google, Yahoo!, Lucene or Solr solutions.

IndexTank is:

  1. Hosted
    IndexTank is in the cloud, which means you can get up and running in minutes. It also means you don’t have to mess with server configurations, or add maintenance tasks to your to-do list. We take care of all that, so you can get back to what you do best.
  2. Fast
    IndexTank is fast in every way. It takes in your data fast, accurately reflecting your current site at all times. No more waiting 10-30 minutes for updates to appear in search. IndexTank gives your customers fast results—in fractions of a second. It’s fast to set up—literally, in minutes. (Wait, we already said that in the last bullet point.) And, we’re fast to respond to your inquiries on email or live chat.
  3. By developers, for developers
    Our company is a team of developers who specialize in search. We custom-built IndexTank for developers, so it has all the stuff that matters to you. It has a powerful API, can handle huge data sets, uses in-memory storage, and has all the cutting-edge features.
  4. On the cutting-edge
    IndexTank has all the features you’ve come to expect. Auto-complete helps customers find what they’re looking for faster (with fewer typos). Snippets show each search result within a few lines of context, so customers can scan their results and find what they need. Faceting makes it easy to sort results into categories like color and size. Geolocation means you can deliver results to users based on their latitude and longitude coordinates.
  5. Credible
    IndexTank powers search for sites with demanding requirements, including Reddit, WordPress, MyLife and Sidestep. We can handle hundreds of thousands of documents and hundreds of queries per minute, still delivering real-time results. IndexTank works. It works now, and it’ll work next year when you have ten times as many documents.
  6. Available
    Live chat support and email from our core development team: invaluable. What other search solution gives you that? Spanning several time zones and often burning the midnight oil, our developers are smart, dedicated, and here for you. Give us a shout if you’re having trouble, or just want to talk shop about what IndexTank can do. You’ll be surprised how often we’re online.